Major & Maintenance Python 3 releases in 2020 to 2022


Changes in Embedded Coder in R2021a to R2023a


Changes in MATLAB alone in R2021a to R2023a

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Reduce the risk of migrating algorithms to a new software environment New software versions are a reality…

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Enable faster iterations between algorithm and hardware implementation It takes time to produce good C code VersionBay…

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Making better decisions based on historical data Cost Savings: We help you identify areas where you can…


We offer two types of training services to cater to different learning preferences and requirements. Our Self-Paced…

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"Working with VersionBay saved us so much time and money in the development of these 3-dimensional renders of our fingerprint sensors. The turn around in…

"Asking VersionBay to assess our code was really the smart move to make. Setting up the required infrastructure on our own would have been way…

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