Focus on the algorithms, VersionBay will professionalize its implementation

MATLAB and Python are two well-known programming languages that empower engineers, scientists and quants around the world to implement their ideas quickly and easily. Both environments have add-on toolboxes or packages which add domainspecific functionality which can be used in a wide variety of industries and projects.

Common Issues

  • Writing and deploying code for others to use often is not part of Engineers, Scientists and Quants job description
  • Domain experts are not software developers and to get their ideas into production often algorithms are recoded
  • Often Technical and Scientific Computing environments are perceived to be slow, but with a better knowledge about them it is possible to speedup algorithms dramatically

VersionBay can help with

  • Fixing issues
  • Refactoring Code
  • Speeding up implementations
  • Deploying code/algorithms
  • Make MATLAB Toolboxes
  • Making Python Packages
  • Adding Version Control to software development process
  • Increase quality by integrating MATLAB/Python with Continuous Integration Tools
  • Leveraging a new Toolbox/package instead of maintaining in-house built tools

SeeĀ MATLAB and Python Consultants for more information.

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