On the 11th of September 2019, MATLAB R2019b was released. There are countless new features and 2 new products from MathWorks: ROS Toolbox and Navigation Toolbox. This article will go over VersionBay’s favorite features in MATLAB and Simulink.

To make this entry as useful as possible VersionBay nominated 4 features for each of the following groups of MATLAB users: Newbies, Casual Users, Proficient Users and Developers.

  • Newbies: people who are just starting to use MATLAB.
  • Casual Users: they use MATLAB every now and again.
  • Proficient Users: people who use MATLAB on a regular basis, e.g. at least 3 times per week.
  • Developers: they use MATLAB to develop tools on top of MATLAB to make the organization/community more productive.

Top features for Newbies

  • Live Editor Tasks: Add interactive tasks to live scripts to explore parameters and automatically generate code.
  • Bar Charts: Create bar charts with improvements for stacking and locating the tips of bars.
  • table and timetable Data Types: Variable names can have any characters, including spaces and non-ASCII characters.
  • Geographic Plots: Create plots with improved basemap appearance.

Top features for Casual Users

  • legend Function: Create unlimited legend entries and specify categorical arrays.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Interface: Support for scanning and interacting with peripheral devices.
  • tiledlayout and nexttile Functions: Create configurable layouts of plots in a figure.
  • Simulink Toolstrip: Access and discover Simulink capabilities when you need them.

Top features for Proficient Users

Top features for Developers

  • uihtml Function: Embed HTML, JavaScript, or CSS content in apps and on the App Designer canvas.
  • Performance Testing Framework: Visually compare two TimeResult arrays.
  • Suggested Corrections: Correct errors with two new classes.
  • Blockset Designer: Streamline the process of blockset authoring and file management.