A common use case for MATLAB is to merge time stamped data from different sensors and derive interesting insights from the data. This example focuses on analyzing data from 2 different sensors (heart rate and GPS data) that a friend of mine shared with me after he went for a run. The video shows how using R2019a this task just became much easier.

In the video, we used the following new features of MATLAB in R2019a:

  • Live Editor Controls: Adding Push Button – useful when others are using your Live Scripts.
  • Live Editor Export: Export to Word – makes report writing even easier.
  • Live Editor Functions: Automatically convert code to functions – code refactoring is a fundamental part of writing better code.
  • readtimetable – the equivalent of readtable, but now the result is a timetable.
  • parallelplot – used for visualizing trends.
  • Color Values: Hexadecimal – simple addition to defining colors on plots, making it easy to use web colors.
  • Graphics Export – useful for exporting a graph or plot from the Live Editor.