Visualizing Fingerprints in 3D from Touch Biometrix Revolutionary Fingerprint Sensing

Today’s technology users want a convenient and secure means of being identified when using smart technology. Touch Biometrix’s unique fingerprint sensing platform offers the solution. A biometric platform based on conformal sensors of any shape or size that can easily be integrated into a myriad of products for a more frictionless and secure user experience. Combined with our unique pattern recognition algorithms, users will be offered an unparalleled level of safety in use.  No more passwords. No more security risks. No more spend limitations.

“working with VersionBay saved us so much time and money in the development of these 3-dimensional renders of our fingerprint sensors. The turn around in delivery was exceptional in addition to the quality of the eventual visuals. You can’t underestimate the value of these type of visuals with customers and investors as ‘seeing is believing’ in the world of high technology”

Mike Cowin, CEO of Touch Biometrix


Touch Biometrix is scaling up its efforts in disrupting the world of biometric authentication with a range of fingerprint sensors that can be by, any shape or any size and at a fraction of the cost of alternative technologies. In their first prototypes, they faced the challenge of generating visuals that allowed the 3D imaging capability to be demonstrated. The team wanted a quick way to manipulate their raw data from their sensors in a 3D manner for presentations and showing realistically how precise and accurate their solutions are. This is useful for both future customers but also in attracting future investors.


VersionBay helped Touch Biometrix convert their raw data into 3D charts. In addition, to motivate investors VersionBay made a video illustrating how rotating the finger print in 3 gives additional insight and makes their fingerprint sensors even more impressive. VersionBay used both MATLAB and Python to show the 2 tools to help Touch Biometrix decide which would be the best fit for them. The key criteria were reproducibility and cost. As Touch Biometrix increases their team they wanted a reproducible and consistent way of visualizing the results from their prototypes without adding to their software budget.

VersionBay helped setup a Python environment using the right Python packages to visualize and explore the raw data in 3D and build up their teams’ knowledge, so they could focus on their core competencies.


Within 24 hours from first meeting with Touch Biometrix, VersionBay had delivered 6 videos, an analysis of using MATLAB and Python, and compared the 2 approaches. One interesting element in this project was that it became very visible that the sweat pores of finger ridge can be seen and identified, biometric markers that are unique to every human. This allows fingerprint and sweat pore patterns to be recognised for unparalleled security in end use.

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