VersionBay Academy is a collection of courses that VersionBay consultants have taught to teams in person. We believe that a wider audience would also benefit from them. Our first course is called Git for MATLAB users. All of our courses will be around Numerical Computing and how to get the most out of the tools you already. Embracing change in your daily habits.

Why Git for MATLAB?

VersionBay is a consulting company around Numerical Computing, focusing on languages like MATLAB and Python. Several of our consultants had been asked about Git and best practices with MATLAB. It became clear that there are many people who are not trained as software developers who end up spending a lot of their time coding.

As VersionBay consultants got hired to help transition individuals writing code in MATLAB to sharing with others and collaborating the topic of Version Control just kept coming up. This course is created based on several live training sessions that we have given to ensure that people make small changes and start using git for the right reasons and do not think of it as overhead.

Get more information on the course: Git for MATLAB users.