Unlocking Savings: How Avular optimized their MathWorks renewal and saved 10% by better understanding their team’s needs

At Avular they believe mobile robotics will help solve some of the worlds toughest challenges and aim to enable access to the world of mobile robotics for everyone. They contribute to this process by making the implementation of robots in practice as easy as possible. They develop the core technology for autonomous robots and build their own drones and robots from the ground up. Focusing on modularity, Avular’s robots are versatile and adaptable to specific client wishes. Avular also provides help with development and offers the opportunity to build custom robots.

To achieve this, Avular has a team of Control Engineers who use MATLAB and their tools regularly. The combination of MATLAB, Simulink, and Stateflow simplifies the process of designing and understanding complex models, while the automatic code generation tools enable seamless transition from conceptualization to production without the need for manual coding.

“Even with a relatively small team and my understanding of our code base, I was surprised to see that we were not using all the toolboxes we were paying for. This was a no-brainer on how to save 10% of our renewal.”
Alex Andriën – Lead Control Engineer


At Avular the idea is to hand over License Administration of MATLAB licenses to the central IT team. The IT Team lacks familiarity with the toolboxes and heavily depends on input from the Control Team for informed decisions. They were looking for a way to visualize the usage of various toolboxes to validate the license renewal.

“IT manages various tools, and it is impossible to be familiar with all of them. However, having data to support decisions and share with stakeholders significantly streamlines the process and saves numerous meeting hours.”
Colin Mikkers – IT Team Lead


Avular used VersionBay’s Toolbox Usage Collector and Server to collect toolbox usage data across the organization. Since Avular has individual licenses and does not employ a License Manager, this was the only method to capture this information.