Save time and money by making smarter decisions about changing MATLAB versions

Every 6 months there is a new version of MATLAB and their 90 or so toolboxes. This is why many companies pay for maintenance as these new releases are packed with wonderful new features on many different fronts. This does however, make it harder to decide when to change MATLAB versions.

Common Issues

  • Not everything is guaranteed to work in the same way as in previous versions
  • Community toolboxes may no longer work as expected
  • Not clear on how much effort it will be to move to a new version
  • Limits reuse of IP in other projects

Share your code with VersionBay

VersionBay understands that there are valid reasons for going to a new version, it does not always have to be the latest, but the right one. Share your code with VersionBay and the Check service validates on which versions your code will continue to work without any changes.

VersionBay proposes the Check service to assess which versions your code works on as expected.