Embracing Change

Are you passionate about embracing change and working in an inspiring, positive, and interesting environment? Would you like to work on something that makes a difference, gather lifelong skills, and meet amazing people? Then VersionBay may very well be the next row on your LinkedIn profile.

VersionBay is located in Eindhoven at the High Tech Campus alongside 230 other companies, some of the largest companies in the region. We are a small company with a mission to empower people to embrace state-of-the-art software stacks. We help companies reduce the risk and quantify the value of changing software environments (MATLAB and Python). Think about it, when there is a new iOS or Android version, a few days later, several apps get upgraded. Now imagine you are building a car, or a truck, or a lithography machine, a change in an environment cannot be taken easily and many people need to check their work and ensure it continues to work as designed. VersionBay does this when MATLAB or Python packages change.

If you would like to make a difference and learn about what it is like to run a company, join us as you will be working closely with the founders.

Currently we have the following position open:

If you think this would be the right job for you send us your CV and cover letter to careers@versionbay.com.

We also review spontaneous applications, so even if there is no position that fits you, and you believe you would be the right person to join VersionBay, don’t be shy send us your CV anyway.