DegreeMaster or above
ContractPart-Time or Full-Time

Job Summary: DevOps Consultant

VersionBay helps companies reduce the risk of migrating to newer software environments. We are looking for a DevOps Consultant. We closely monitor differences between MATLAB, Python, and Julia versions and are continuously looking at how to help others better use the tools they have already bought. VersionBay is also developing products and we are looking for help to release and maintain our ongoing product development.

You will be working directly with customers who need help with MATLAB, Python, and Julia code, testing, refactoring, documenting, improving, maintaining, migrating between environments, or simply developing and sharing best practices. Some of our customers will insist on on-site work but many others are happy with remote working.

Why Apply

If you are passionate about programming and technical and scientific computing, VersionBay could be the place for you. We are based at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. You will feel and learn what it is like to grow a company as you will be working alongside the founders. You do not have to come into the office every day, but we do believe in building a team it is important to have face-to-face meetings.

Being part of a start-up will allow you to really make a difference. Your work will be used for sure and part of something special and as a DevOps Consultant you will be exposed to helping others on their DevOps adoption journey.

  • Continuous learning curve
  • Learn about writing good and reusable code
  • Be exposed to other technical computing language experts 
  • Sharpen your git skills
  • Be one of the first 10 employees at a company
  • Lunches with the founders every day
  • Working desk at High Tech Campus
  • Choose your own laptop
  • Free swag from our store
  • Budget for training and attend conferences
  • Participate in our profit-sharing scheme
  • Yearly team trip
  • Join a team that is passionate about giving back to the community
  • Volunteer time
  • 30 days holiday per year
  • Up to €100 per month for mobile phone/internet allowance
  • Travel allowance
  • Free parking at work


  • Working with customers and helping them with DevOps
  • Maintaining VersionBay pipelines
  • Releasing Products
  • Talking at events
  • Coaching others
  • Help setup VersionBay cloud structure and strategy


  • Working knowledge of git
  • Azure/GCD/AWS knowledge
  • GitLab and GitHub experience
  • Msc in either Engineering (electrical or mechanical), Physics, Maths or Econometrics, Computer Science
  • Fluent in English (written and spoken)

This job is perfect for you if you:This job is NOT for you if you:
Like helping othersWant a 9 to 17 job
Are good at explainingAre not curious
Are curious about understanding how technology worksHave never found something wrong with MATLAB
Maintain your own Python packageNever tried Git
Want to help grow a companyDo not like sharing
Are critical about softwareExpect to be handheld in every problem
Always on the lookout to make things betterExpect VersionBay to pay relocation fees
Want to work for a company where you are valued as a personDo not want to grow in your career

Apply Here

If you think you would be a good DevOps Consultant and fit for the team please send your CV and cover letter to: