Run the same MATLAB code on multiple versions

VersionBay has every MATLAB release, every incremental update, and can run the same code on all versions comparing the numeric results based on agreed tests. With this information the compatibility can be proved for your code across different versions.

Release Compatible


VersionBay counts the number of passed, failed, incomplete tests across different versions. When there is a regression, fault finding can be narrowed down to understand where and why the code is not 100% compatible with a different version of MATLAB and to estimate the effort to evolve the code.

Across Updates

There are incremental updates of MATLAB between versions. For example even though R2017b is live, there actually have been 9 additional updates to R2017b. This adds complexity to the analysis of compatibility. These updates are bug fixes only, however VersionBay also validates these updates to ensure results are as expected.

ReleaseRelease Date
R2017b Update 924 Sep 2018
R2017b Update 822 Aug 2018
R2017b Update 721 May 2018
R2017b Update 628 Mar 2018
R2017b Update 521 Feb 2018
R2017b Update 410 Jan 2018
R2017b Update 320 Dec 2017
R2017b Update 208 Nov 2017
R2017b Update 118 Oct 2017

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