Make the most of your MATLAB investment

MATLAB does continue to deliver fantastic new features, however, some of them are disruptive and are not backward compatible. This is a common approach in many software programs and the decision on when to leverage these new features is not so easy.

Common Issues

  • Sometimes features are released but don’t meet organizations requirements completely
  • Multiple workarounds may be needed when new features are used too soon
  • It can be a large investment to have a full-time person dedicated to analyzing MathWorks toolchain changes

Examples of Advancing Code

  • App Designer instead of GUIDE
  • Tables instead of cell arrays or structures
  • Strings instead of character arrays
  • Leveraging a new Toolbox instead of maintaining in-house built tools

Above and beyond using latest features, there is the possibility of refactoring the code to make it easier to read, maintain and reuse.

VersionBay proposes Advance as a service to help improve your MATLAB Code.