Faster iterations between algorithm and hardware implementation

A key driver for Model-Based Design is automatically generating C code directly from MATLAB/Simulink models. This idea is extremely powerful, however, the journey to make this happen for non-software developers can have unexpected hurdles. VersionBay will help you get started so that your team can speed-up the iterations between algorithms and hardware implementations.

Common Issues

  • Integrating different tools to get automatic code generation to work can be time consuming
  • IO not fully supported
  • Additional scripts needed to make it push of a button for non-software developers
  • External mode support
  • Setting up Processor-In-the-Loop
  • Not leveraging target specific optimizations

VersionBay can help with

  • Creating custom hardware support
  • Enabling External Mode
  • Software-In-the-Loop and Processor-In-the-Loop with a push of a button
  • Integrating MATLAB / Simulink with other IDEs
  • Hardware Library creation
  • Target Support development
  • Validate and compare Simulation, SIL and PIL results

See Automatic Code Generation Service

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