Effortless Testing Solution for Algorithm Migration


  • Single package definition file
  • Generate pipelines for all MATLAB projects
  • Leverage existing CI/CD platforms
  • Run jobs in parallel
  • Integrated with Nexus, and or Artifactory
  • Report errors, numerical differences and warnings

Standardize on pipelines for regression testing without writing additional unit tests

Why Choose Package Tester?

Upgrading algorithms to new releases can be a daunting task. The unpredictability of effort and the complexities involved often make the process challenging. Package Tester simplifies this journey by offering a seamless solution for dynamic pipeline generation and algorithm migration without having to write unit tests.

Experience the Benefits:

  • Package Tester ensures smooth transitions, eliminating the guesswork involved in predicting the effort required.
  • Dynamic pipelining made easy: once set up, dynamic pipelining becomes a breeze. Harness the power of automation without the headache of complex configurations.
  • Remove the burden from end-users to maintain testing pipelines.
  • Cost-effective solution: why hire additional personnel to build and maintain automation when you can buy a product that does it all? Package Tester saves you time, effort, and money.

Step 1

End-Users Create a Package with:

Package Definition, Source Code, Test Vectors and Dependencies

Step 2

Trigger Package Tester Dynamic Pipeline Generation

Step 3

CI Platform Runs Algorithms in Defined MATLAB Versions in Parallel

Step 4

Compare Results, Warnings, Errors, Performance

Step 5

Predict Migration Effort Based on Detailed Compatibility Report

How Package Tester Works:

  1. Package Algorithm with Test Vectors and Definition:
    • Seamlessly integrate your algorithms with Package Tester using comprehensive test vectors and configurations tailored to your needs, including MATLAB versions.
  2. Run Package Tester:
    • Package Tester is smart enough to only generate jobs in the pipeline for new combinations of algorithms, tests and versions.
    • Leverage your CI platform to run each configuration, conducting rigorous regression tests and providing detailed reports.
    • Results are stored in your artifacts repository.
  3. Compare Results
    • Pull from your artifacts repository previous results
    • Avoiding running the same code with the same test vectors on the same MATLAB versions

What does Package Tester answer?

When moving to a new version of MATLAB:

  • Are deprecated functions called?
  • Are there any new defaults that impact your algorithms?
  • Are there any numerical differences?
  • How many errors are there?
  • What errors are thrown?
  • Does your code run warning-free?
  • Is your algorithm also backward compatible?

What’s included?

Package Tester offers a comprehensive suite of utilities designed to streamline your algorithm migration process:

  • Estimate effort in migrating to a new version by analyzing numerical differences, errors and warnings
  • API Server that triggers Pipeline Generation that only runs what needs to be run.
  • Integration with Nexus or Artifactory for storing input vectors, code, outputs, and results.

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