Save money by monitoring your MATLAB Toolbox usage across your organization

Explore our cutting-edge solutions for seamless MathWorks tooling management on your organization’s journey. In the dynamic landscape of MathWorks tools, keeping track of toolbox usage, versions, and project specifics can be daunting. Our mission is to simplify this process, providing insights to optimize tooling use, elevate project management, and streamline workflows. With our expertise and tools, gain invaluable visibility into your MathWorks tooling landscape, enabling informed decisions, resource optimization, and enhanced overall efficiency.


  • Works with standalone and network-based MATLAB licenses
  • Easy installation for new and existing MATLAB installations
  • Configurable update frequency
  • Transparent to end users
  • Robust to existing MATLAB programs
  • Flexible integration options
  • Windows, Linux and macOS compatible

Eliminate unused products

Understand number of unique users per toolbox

Change the number of concurrent vs individual licenses

Validate and visualize the number of simultaneous users per toolbox

Plan for upgrades

Track new release adoption and drill down to release updates

Have the right mix of concurrent vs individual licenses

Classify users based on usage

Confirm your ROI

Understand Toolbox usage per person

Split license cost per project

Track usage across projects

Additional Services

Optimize MATLAB licensing

Integration Services

Change message content to fit and integrate into your organizations databases

Custom Dashboard creation

Customize PowerBI type of dashboard to answer specific business questions