Get ready for your MathWorks Renewal with Precision Insights for License Optimization


  • Standalone application
  • Parse MathWorks License Debug Log Files
  • Report on usage by categorizing users
  • Add lookup table for chargeback reports

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As we are refining the product, share your MathWorks Flex License Debug Log File and we will email you the results as soon as we have them. We are happy to sign NDA.

Why Toolbox Usage Analyzer FlexInspect?

Cost Recovery Made Simple: Toolbox Usage Analyzer FlexInspect is your solution for effortless cost recovery or chargeback of MathWorks tooling based on License Log Files.

Eliminate Script Maintenance: Many companies resort to creating their own scripts for this purpose, leading to complexity and difficulties in maintaining them. FlexInspect streamlines the process with precision insights.

Cost Recovery Made Simple

Accurate report of toolbox usage

How Toolbox Usage Analyzer FlexInspect Works:

Load and Visualize: Easily load one or more MathWorks License Debug Log Files and receive detailed graphs showcasing the number of users per category.

Eliminate Script Maintenance

Just use something that is tested and works

Optional Mapping for Expense Clarity: For enhanced accuracy, optionally upload a mapping file with usernames and department/cost recovery IDs to map expenses per department or cost center.

Mapping for Expense Clarity

Export Usage by categories mapped to Cost Center ID

What Makes FlexInspect Stand Out?

Standalone Application FlexInspect is a standalone application designed to parse MathWorks License Debug Log Files efficiently, providing clear insights into definable user categories.


– Access to MathWorks License Server Debug Log File

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