Make smart decisions about MathWorks tools by visualizing toolbox usage across your organization


  • DockerImage that just runs
  • Option to anonymize users
  • Export data to CSV
  • Dashboard with trusted data
  • List usernames of MATLAB users
  • List hostnames of MATLAB users

Why Choose Toolbox Usage Analyzer Server

Unlock the full potential of your Toolbox Usage Analyzer with our seamlessly integrated solution – the Toolbox Usage Analyzer Server. Say goodbye to integration headaches and welcome an out-of-the-box experience. Our server provides a user-friendly dashboard, eliminating the need for end users to worry about integrating results into existing BI tools.

How It Works

Elevate your toolbox analysis by effortlessly installing the Toolbox Usage Analyzer Server as a Docker image. Whether locally or in any cloud provider, our server ensures a smooth and efficient integration process.

What You Get

Transform raw data into actionable insights with our intuitive dashboard. The Toolbox Usage Analyzer Server answers critical questions, such as:

  • How many MATLAB users are there?
  • What is the count of concurrent MATLAB users?
  • Which versions of MATLAB are in use?
  • What is the duration of each toolbox usage?

Additionally, export your data effortlessly with the option to save as CSV files for further analysis or reporting.


To make the most of Toolbox Usage Analyzer Server, you’ll need to have Toolbox Usage Analyzer Collector installed.

Additional Services

Optimize MATLAB Licenses

As part of our commitment to optimizing your toolbox usage, we also offer a unique service – Optimize MATLAB Licenses. Ensure that your organization is equipped with the most efficient and cost-effective licensing strategy.

Boost your organization’s productivity and make informed decisions with Toolbox Usage Analyzer Server. Try it today and visualize your toolbox usage like never before!