Monitor your MATLAB Toolbox usage across your organization

We provide comprehensive insights and solutions for effectively managing MathWorks tooling within organizations. As MathWorks tooling continues to expand and evolve over the years, it can be challenging for end users, managers, and IT teams to keep track of which toolboxes are being utilized, for how long, which versions, and for which specific projects. Our mission is to bridge this knowledge gap and empower organizations with the information they need to optimize their tooling utilization, enhance project management, and streamline workflows. With our expertise and tools, you can gain valuable visibility into your MathWorks tooling landscape, enabling better decision-making, resource allocation, and overall efficiency.


  • Works with standalone and network based MATLAB licenses
  • Easy Installation for new and existing MATLAB installations
  • Configurable update frequency
  • Transparent to end users
  • Robust to existing MATLAB Programs
  • Flexible Integration Options
  • Windows, Linux ans macOS compatible

Understand number of unique users per toolbox

Validate number of simultaneous users per toolbox

Track new release adoption and drill down to release updates

Classify users into categories based on number of checkout license hours

Understand usage

Track usage across projects

Additional Services

Optimize MATLAB licensing

Integration Services

Change message content to fit and integrate into your organizations databases

Custom Dashboard creation

Customize PowerBI type of dashboard to answer specific business questions