MathWorks releases a new version of MATLAB twice annually. The table below displays the release dates, the year each MATLAB version was released, newly introduced products, and any changes or transitions in product names.

VersionRelease nameNumberBundled JVMRelease dateNew ProductProduct Changes
5.0Volume 8December 1996
5.1Volume 9May 1997
5.2R10March 1998
5.3R11January 1999
5.3.1R11.1November 1999
6.0R12121.1.8November 2000
6.1R12.112 1.1.8June 2001
6.5R13131.3.1July 2002
6.5.1R13SP113 1.3.1 2003
7.0R14141.4.2June 2004
7.0.1R14SP114 1.4.2October 2004
 R14SP1+14 1.4.2November 2004
7.0.4R14SP214 1.5.0March 7, 2005
7.1R14SP3141.5.0September 1, 2005
7.2R2006a151.5.0March 1, 2006
7.3R2006b161.5.0September 1, 2006
7.4R2007a171.5.0_07March 1, 2007
7.5R2007b181.6.0September 1, 2007
7.6R2008a191.6.0March 1, 2008
7.7R2008b201.6.0_04October 9, 2008
7.8R2009a211.6.0_04March 6, 2009
7.9R2009b221.6.0_12September 4, 2009
7.9.1R2009bSP1221.6.0_12April 1, 2010
7.10R2010a231.6.0_12March 5, 2010
7.11R2010b241.6.0_17September 3, 2010
7.11.1R2010bSP1241.6.0_17March 17, 2011
7.11.2R2010bSP2241.6.0_17April 5, 2012
7.12R2011a251.6.0_17April 8, 2011Real-Time Workshop and Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder transitioned to MATLAB Coder, Simulink Coder and Embedded Coder
7.13R2011b261.6.0_17September 1, 2011
7.14R2012a271.6.0_17March 1, 2012
8.0R2012b281.6.0_17September 11, 2012MATLAB Production Server
Financial Derivatives Toolbox and Fixed-Income Toolbox merged into Financial Instruments Toolbox
8.1R2013a291.6.0_17March 7, 2013Trading Toolbox
Fixed-Point Designer
8.2R2013b301.7.0_11September 6, 2013Polyspace Bug Finder
Polyspace Code Prover
Polyspace Client™ for C/C++, Polyspace Model Link™ SL, Polyspace Model Link TL, and Polyspace UML Link™ RH merged and renamed to Polyspace Bug Finder™
Polyspace Server™ for C/C++ renamed to Polyspace Code Prover™
8.3R2014a311.7.0_11March 7, 2014LTE Toolbox
8.4R2014b321.7.0_11October 3, 2014
8.5R2015a331.7.0_60March 5, 2015Simulink TestMATLAB® Builder™ EX , MATLAB Builder JA, MATLAB Builder NE,  partially merged into MATLAB Compiler and partially into MATLAB Compiler SDK
Statistics Toolbox™ renamed to Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox
Real-Time Windows Target™ renamed to Simulink Desktop Real-Time
8.5.1R2015aSP1331.7.0_60October 14, 2015
8.6R2015b341.7.0_60September 3, 2015
9.0R2016a351.7.0_60March 3, 2016Audio Toolbox
WLAN Toolbox
SystemTest Discontinued
Gauges Blockset
SimDriveline renamed to Simscape Driveline
SimElectronics renamed to Simscape Electronics
SimHydraulics renamed to Simscape Fluids
SimMechanics renamed to Simscape Multibody
SimPowerSystems renamed to Simscape Power Systems
Spreadsheet Link™ EX renamed to Spreadsheet Link
9.1R2016b361.7.0_60September 15, 2016
9.2R2017a371.7.0_60March 9, 2017Automated Driving Toolbox
Powertrain Blockset
SimRF renamed to RF Toolbox
9.3R2017b381.8.0_121September 21, 2017GPU Coder
LTE HDL Toolbox
Simulink Check
Simulink Coverage
Simulink Requirements
Text Analytics Toolbox
Simulink Verification and Validation™ will transition into three products: Simulink Check™, Simulink Coverage™, and Simulink Requirements™
9.4R2018a391.8.0_144March 15, 2018Predictive Maintenance Toolbox
Vehicle Dynamics Blockset
9.5R2018b401.8.0_152September 12, 20185G Toolbox
Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox
Neural Network Toolbox replaced with Deep Learning Toolbox
Simscape Electronics and Simscape Power Systems merged into Simscape Electrical
9.6R2019a411.8.0_181March 20, 2019AUTOSAR Blockset
Mixed-Signal Blockset
Polyspace Code Prover Server
Polyspace Bug Finder Access
Polyspace Code Prover Access
Polyspace Bug Finder Server
Reinforcement Learning Toolbox
SoC Blockset
SerDes Toolbox
System Composer
9.7R2019b421.8.0_202September 11, 2019
Navigation Toolbox
ROS Toolbox
9.8R2020a431.8.0_202March 19, 2020Simulink Compiler
MATLAB Web App Server
Motor Control Motor Control Blockset
LTE HDL Toolbox replaced with Wireless HDL Toolbox
9.9R2020b441.8.0_202September 17, 2020Deep Learning HDL Toolbox
Lidar Toolbox
RoadRunner Scene Builder
RoadRunner Asset Library
UAV Toolbox
9.10R2021a451.8.0_202March 11, 2021DDS Blockset
Radar Toolbox
Satellite Communications Toolbox
9.11R2021b461.8.0_202September 22, 2021RF PCB Toolbox
Signal Integrity Toolbox
9.12R2022a471.8.0_202March 9, 2022Bluetooth Toolbox
DSP HDL Toolbox
RoadRunner Scenario
Wireless Testbench
OPC Toolbox replaced with Industrial Communication Toolbox
9.13R2022b481.8.0_202August 24, 2022Medical Imaging Toolbox
Simscape Battery
9.14R2023a491.8.0_202March 16, 2023MATLAB Test
C2000 Microcontroller Blockset
23.2R2023b501.8.0_202September 13, 2023Polyspace Test
Simulink Fault Analyzer
24.1R2024a511.8.0_202March 20, 2024