Embracing Change

As change is a certainty in the software world, the development of quality software becomes increasingly important across most industries such as Automotive, Health Care and Financial Services. When it comes to building and maintaining software each industry and company follows different methodologies/frameworks and paradigms (e.g. ASD, DevOps, Scrum, Model-Based Design, Waterfall, V-Model). There are, however, common activities across all approaches that are essential to build, develop and maintain high quality software.

VersionBay services are mapped to supporting Software Engineering and Software Testing.

MATLAB, Python & Julia

Need help with your MATLAB/Simulink or Python or Julia code, our team can fix, improve, optimize, test and deploy your code. Our goal is to help you focus on solving problems and not to worry about software development process.


VersionBay has a deep knowledge and experience in migrating code from one software environment to another, namely migrating to a newer version of MATLAB, Python, Julia or even migrating between them.

Automatic Code Generation

VersionBay will save you time and money by bridging the gap between embedded system designers and algorithm developers for embedded systems using MATLAB/Simulink.

MATLAB Deployment

We specialize in helping businesses and individuals effectively deploy their MATLAB applications and optimising MATLAB deployment across enterprises. We have helped several companies with the deployment of MATLAB and maintaining internal developed toolboxes.


We are a team of seasoned professionals specializing in DevOps practices and principles. Our comprehensive consulting services are designed to help businesses and organizations streamline their software development and deployment processes, enabling faster, more reliable, and efficient delivery of applications.

Model-Based Design

Our consultants excel in leveraging industry-leading tools like MATLAB and Simulink to create dynamic models, perform simulations, and conduct rigorous testing and validation. Our team has the proficiency to guide you through the entire MBD lifecycle, from requirements capture to deployment.

Optimize MATLAB Licenses

With years of experience in MATLAB licensing and deep expertise in the field, we understand the intricacies involved in managing a diverse portfolio of licenses. Our goal is to assist you in making informed decisions that align with your specific requirements and business objectives.

Our consulting service offers comprehensive analysis and recommendations tailored to your organization’s needs. We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your current MATLAB licenses, taking into account the various license types you possess. Whether you have perpetual licenses, subscription-based licenses, or a combination of both, we’ll evaluate the cost-effectiveness and usage patterns of each type.

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