Leverage MATLAB’s latest features

VersionBay will use the latest features from MATLAB to advance your code base to be easier to maintain, read and potentially make it faster. Examples of this are leveraging new toolboxes or using App Designer instead of GUIDE or refactoring the code to make it work faster/better and easier to read and maintain.


It takes time to master all the versions of MATLAB and understand which ones are most advantageous to use for a given project or application. It is also hard to factor in time in projects to go back to existing code to make it better and easier. Many projects live with: if it works don’t touch it. Only to have serious difficulties reusing code a few versions later.


VersionBay will only do this after the Check service, so that there are agreed tests to compare the results from the reference version to the version of choice. VersionBay will refactor or improve your code based on an extensive knowledge base of best practices and years of experience going above and beyond what static analyzers can do today.


VersionBay will deliver 7 documents:

  • Advanced code
  • Test report which shows the test used and the motivation for each test
  • Compatibility report that indicates version compatibility between original code and the advanced code
  • Coverage report that shows the code coverage based on the tests created and used for both original code and advanced code

  • Performance report of your code and the improved code across all releases
  • Recommendations report showing the small code bits of code improvements that were applied and the motivation behind them
  • Proposal for Coach service based on Recommendations report

This is a yearly contract which means that you will also receive equivalent reports and updates for the next two MATLAB releases.

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