Save time and money when changing MATLAB versions

The Check service will help you know which MATLAB versions are compatible with your existing code. This is the starting point for all VersionBay Customers.


Often the decision to change software version comes from a place of necessity but there is always the fear, what if it does not work anymore or how much will it cost to fix. To make the right decision it is fundamental to know this upfront and not after the fact.


VersionBay will create unit tests for all the code you share and validate if the results are the same across releases. Based on these results it is possible to determine compatibility of your MATLAB code. To ensure that testing is thorough the tests cases and results are documented and shared with you.


After testing all the releases you will receive 5 documents:

  • Test report which shows the tests created and the motivation for the tests
  • Compatibility report that indicates which versions have the identical numerical results and which ones do not

  • Coverage report that shows the code coverage based on running all tests
  • Performance report of your code across all releases
  • Proposal for Evolve Service (time, effort, cost) if relevent

This is a yearly contract: you will receive equivalent reports and updates for the next two MATLAB releases.

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