Same results across different versions

The Evolve service will ensure that your existing code works on any MATLAB version you choose. All software projects in the world need to evolve the code as time goes by, whether it is bug fixing or adding new features. This evolution of code is a normal part of software development. MATLAB is no exception.


There is a new MATLAB version every 6 months. Most organizations choose to skip a few releases independently of which one is the best one for them. Evolve will enable any release to be used and guarantee that the results are the same across releases, maximizing IP sharing across projects.


Evolve follows the Check Service, where VersionBay has set of agreed tests that validated the results in a reference version of where the code was originally developed. With these tests, VersionBay adopts your code until the results are the same across any version you choose.


VersionBay will deliver 6 documents with this service:

  • Evolved Code
  • Test report which shows the tests created and the motivation for the tests
  • Compatibility report that indicates the evolved code has identical numerical result on the desired versions

  • Coverage report that shows the code coverage based on running all tests
  • Performance report of the evolved code across all releases
  • Proposal for Advance service and to Coach your team (if relevant)

This service has a prerequisite of doing the Check service. It is a yearly contract that ensures that your existing code will work on any version you choose. VersionBay will also evolve the code to the latest version at the time of purchase and the next two releases of MATLAB, as this will help with future decisions.

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