We offer two types of training services to cater to different learning preferences and requirements. Our Self-Paced training provides a flexible learning experience where you can access a library of video content and learn at your own pace. With clear and comprehensive videos, you can gain in-depth knowledge on a variety of topics. On the other hand, we also provide Onsite Training courses that can be customized to suit your specific needs or choose from a range of predefined courses. Here are some of our popular onsite courses:

Git 4 MATLAB Users

Learn how to efficiently use Git version control system in conjunction with MATLAB for effective code management and collaboration.

MATLAB Testing

Explore testing techniques and best practices in MATLAB to ensure the quality and reliability of your code.

Python Testing

Discover testing methodologies and frameworks in Python to validate and verify your software applications.

MATLAB App Development

Dive into the world of MATLAB app development and learn how to create interactive and user-friendly applications.

MATLAB for Professionals

Sharpen your MATLAB skills and dive into advanced topics to enhance your productivity and efficiency as a professional.

MATLAB 2 Julia

Explore the transition from MATLAB to Julia, a high-performance programming language, and leverage its capabilities in your projects.

Julia for Engineers

Learn how to leverage Julia’s power and versatility to solve complex problems in engineering.

Data Analytics

Gain a comprehensive understanding of data analytics techniques, tools, and methodologies to extract insights and make data-driven decisions.

MATLAB 2 Python

Explore the transition from MATLAB to Python, widely used programming language, and leverage its ecosystem in your projects.

MATLAB Tips and Tricks

Unlock the hidden potential of MATLAB with expert tips and tricks to improve your coding efficiency and problem-solving abilities.

Python Tips and Tricks

Discover valuable tips and tricks for efficiently working with numpy, pandas, and polars libraries in Python.

Julia Tips and Tricks

Enhance your Julia programming skills with handy tips and tricks for improved productivity and code optimization.

Choose the training option that best suits your learning style and objectives to enhance your skills and stay ahead in your field.

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